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      Polyimide (PI)Powder.Liquid.

        TYRRC530  Polyimide resin liquid is a new generation of advanced composite matrix resin independently developed by our company.It has good solubility and is easily soluble in solvents such as dimethyl formamide,dimethyl acetamid.The applications are as follows:

        1. It can be used for wet dipping process, according to the needs of the process can be diluted with dimethyl formamide,dimethyl acetamide and other solvents, and has a good impregnation with glass fiber and carbon fiber. Widely used in the field of composite materials such as copper clad plate and high-temperature laminated insulation board.

        2.It can be applied to resin-based high performance composite matrix resin used in aerospace and high grade insulation field.

        3.It can be applied to manufacture high performance electrical insulation and self - lubricating mechanical parts.

        4.It can be applied to modified epoxy resin.

        5.It can be applied to temperature resistance insulation paint.